New South Jersey Adult Soccer Team Looking For Players Soccer

Posted Mon, Oct 22 by Chris from Pennsville, NJ in Teams and Groups / 4 replies

  • I am looking to start an adult soccer team to begin playing in The New Castle County Adult Soccer League in the spring. I've played soccer for close to 30 years and coached for about 10. I ran my own men's team when I lived in Baltimore for about three years and we were very successful. I miss the game and have been looking for a team to join, but can't find one. I've seen other posts from people looking for teams, so I figured, lets start our own. For this to work, I will need help as I am no longer single (have a wife and daughter), and just don't have all the time I used to. If this interests you, please contact me. I'm hoping to start play in the spring in DE, then who knows.....
  • Abiola replied Wed, Nov 14

    i am interested as well
  • Abiola replied Wed, Nov 14

    contact me at
  • Irene replied Tue, Nov 27

    I am interested as well
    Contact me
  • Nana replied Wed, Dec 5

    contact me
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